Puppeteer generate PDF from HTML


In puppeteer generate pdf is possible using the special page.pdf() page method. This function generates a pdf document from html markup. Generating a pdf is currently only supported in Chrome headless! Generation pdf Save pdf Print media and screen media Display header, footer and page background Range pdf page Scale, sizes, landscape and margin pdf … Read more

Puppeteer timeout


Timeout sets the maximum timeout for a particular method or methods after which an error or exception will be thrown. Puppeteer timeout default Method setDefaultNavigationTimeout Method setDefaultTimeout Timeout property WaitUntil property Puppeteer timeout promise Puppeteer timeout default The default in puppeteer timeout is 30 seconds. To use custom timeouts, you can use the page.setDefaultNavigationTimeout () … Read more

Puppeteer use proxy

In puppeteer use proxy, as in Chrome, is carried out using the argument –proxy-server, which is specified when the browser starts: where server – domain name or ip-address proxy-server, port – port. Puppeteer use proxy Proxy protocols Proxy authentication Puppeteer use proxy Here is the full code where we demonstrate the use of proxy in … Read more