Ubuntu 20 extend partition

Suppose we have a virtual machine with the Ubuntu operating system installed and we want to increase the size of a partition, for example, a system partition. In this article, we will take an example of Ubuntu 20 extend partition without LVM. Inputs Our Ubuntu 20 is installed on Hyper-V. First, let’s check the size … Read more

MySQL how to work with the database

This article is rather a small note on working with a database, which contains basic commands with examples and answers some of the questions on MySQL how to do this or that action and is aimed at those who are just starting to work with MySQL. You can look at the full documentation on working … Read more

Distributed version control system git

Distributed version control system git is a set of programs that allow several people to work with the same files at the same time. In doing so, you can track the changes made by each of them, make these changes to remote repositories, and roll them back by reverting files to previous versions. Choosing a … Read more

Outside site in Bitrix24 box

This article will discuss how to add a third-party site in Bitrix24 box and what steps are required to configure nginx and apache. New site in Bitrix24 box Suppose we have a ready-made website that we would like to place on the Bitrix24 box and we want it to work in the same way as … Read more

Install Certbot on CentOS

Certbot is a Python client that automates both obtaining free certificates from Let’s Encrypt and configuring web servers to create a secure https connection using these certificates. As an example, we will look at installing Cerbot on CentOS, learn how to get a free certificate using it and automatically configure nginx / apache. Install Certbot … Read more

PHP encryption

Symmetric encryption Symmetric encryption is an encryption algorithm that uses the same cryptographic key to both encrypt and decrypt data. Let’s consider in PHP encryption of data using a symmetric method based on the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm – a symmetric block encryption algorithm (block size 128 bits, key 128/192/256 bits). AES is one … Read more

Bitrix24 not work push

Problem with push server Error with padStart() function Replacing padStart function with simple code Problem with push server After installing 1C-Bitrix: The web environment of the boxed version of Bitrix24 not work push, notifications via the local server do not come (red line There is no connection to the server). In the Push and Pull … Read more

Bitrix24 behind proxy

Inputs data Configuration front-end server with nginx Configuration back-end server / bitrix Inputs data There was a need to place a boxed version of Bitrix24 behind proxy server on nginx. And so that we have: – ip server with nginx, for which there is an A-record with the domain name bx24.corp. The server listens … Read more