Outside site in Bitrix24 box

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This article will discuss how to add a third-party site in Bitrix24 box and what steps are required to configure nginx and apache. New site in Bitrix24 box Suppose we have a ready-made website that we would like to place on the Bitrix24 box and we want it to work in the same way as … Read more

Bitrix24 not work push

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Problem with push server Error with padStart() function Replacing padStart function with simple code Problem with push server After installing 1C-Bitrix: The web environment of the boxed version of Bitrix24 not work push, notifications via the local server do not come (red line There is no connection to the server). In the Push and Pull … Read more

Bitrix24 behind proxy

Inputs data Configuration front-end server with nginx Configuration back-end server / bitrix Inputs data There was a need to place a boxed version of Bitrix24 behind proxy server on nginx. And so that we have: – ip server with nginx, for which there is an A-record with the domain name bx24.corp. The server listens … Read more