Docker DNS problem

If you are having difficulty installing docker on CentOS 8, read this article. There was a need to build an image with the installation of dependencies for python. Dependencies are described in the requirements.txt file and must be pulled from the network. However, when building the image I received an error of the following form: … Read more

CentOS 8 extend LVM

Earlier we installed CentOS 8. But what if the disk size was not enough? Fortunately, this operating system uses LVM by default, and in this article we will use for example the CentOS 8 extend LVM partition. This procedure is practically no different from the actions in previous versions of this OS. Attention! Before you … Read more

CentOS 8 install Docker

Installing the CentOS 8 operating system itself was discussed earlier in this article. Docker on CentOS 8: installation error When trying to install Docker on Centos 8 from the official repository, I received the following error: The error is caused by the dependency, which cannot be automatically installed from the repository. CentOS 8 install … Read more

CentOS 8 install guide

On September 24, 2019, CentOS 8 was released, the first version of the system was marked 8.0-1905. In Centos 8 installation does not fundamentally differ from the installation in previous versions of the system, however, small differences still appeared. The article provides step-by-step installation instructions for Centos 8 with comments and screenshots. 1 Distributives2 Install … Read more